Monday, May 26, 2008

Aloha! Greetings from Kauai where Ruth and I have taken some days to recharge after a couple of semesters of teaching and many activities. We are hearing from all points across California that the weather turned lousy last week and has remained so....bummer!

So who do we bump into? Well it turns out the Bruce and Linda Schooling scheduled their vacation here at the same time so we have enjoyed some fun together...and also a group of freshly minted Fermanian School of Business grads happen to be here also, including the newly crowned CBS College Games Boarding Champion Chris Neubauer (you rock!) who smoked some guys from SDSU to win the event about a week ago. Watching the event on CBS TV on Sunday morning was great fun and then we took Craig, Mark, Chris H., Colin and the new champ to Duke's Beach Club for a celebratory lunch yesterday. Congratulations Chris and we will be posting some pictures and links on the FBC website soon.

So Hillary Clinton said what? Wow, that was liike watching Steve Carrel on The Office! There is a good lesson here...sometimes you can be technically correct but still really wrong...yes, she has every right to stay in the nomination race until the very end (John McCain would agree) and yes, she is correct that historically the nomination has often not been settled until June...but, wow, her comment about that Bobby Kennedy was shot in June and it really changed the race was a really bad one (can anyone say "turd in a punchbowl?") And falling on the heels of Ted Kennedy's brain tumor announcement? Sheeesh! But hang on folks...the fact that Oboma initially criticized the comment but within 24 hours let her off the hook tells us what? Hmmmm? Any takers on what may be afoot?

But on Memorial Day 2008 let's divert from the Clintons for a moment (it would take me far too long to recount Bill's combat record here...well, and Dick Cheney's as well...) and I would just ask that you find some time in the near future to thank a veteran for his or her service. I am not asking you to agree or disagree with any particular war or time of service...just to thank someone for interrupting their life to serve (voluntary or drafted). So to my buds Mike Gallagher (USA), Sean Borchardt (USMC), John Sadler (USN) (as well as all of my old USS Bainbridge buddies), I send you my best regards and appreciation and God's blessings on each of you.


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