Monday, November 24, 2008

An Unexpected Surprise!

So, we are getting ready to go to the old multi-plex, get a senior discount, and check out the current version of Bond--James Bond--but the little lady says something about a movie set in India...and slums...and orphans...who end up on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire!"...and so I think I would rather have a root canal...or an enema...or both...and what happens? An Unexpected Surprise!

Slumdog Millionaire is not your typical movie...well, really it is completely out of the ordinary...and while I will still lay down a few buckaronies to check out Mr. Bond...I would urge you to visit a Landmark Theatre...or other independent venue...and enjoy this special little treasure...and after I vented a few months ago I am glad to report there remains hope for the big screen...

...So what is Prezelect Barack up to?...change?...sure looks like Clinton III with the appointments made...and one of them big dawgs he lined up on the stage caught my eye...good ole Robert everyone says...who cares? Meesterprezelect is the man! RubinSchmubin! Who cares? Well I do!...

...Well, Mr. Rubin has pocketed some chump change over the past 10 years or so as a major player in Goldman Sachs and most recently as Chairman of Citigroup...yes, Citigroup...who just pocketed another 20 billion or so to add to its previous 25 billion from each of our that he can help stabilize Citibank...right before he joins Obama's administration, with Larry Summers and some other Ivy League big dogs...the same group of guys from our finest Universities who got us into a bunch of htis mess in the first much for change...

...but I guess it could be worse...Mister Prezelect could be appointing socialists...and actually he is being beat up in some left circles for not being radical enough...ouch!

...Why not some common folks? You know, non-Ivy League, non-Investment Banking, non-$50,000+ plus per speech kind of people? I guess they aren't capable of dealing with the formidable problems that face our country...but wait, isn't it the same previously mentioned "whiz kids" who got us into this mess in this first place? With deriviatives, credit-swaps, leveraging and ultra-sophisticated financing schemes?

I think Mister Prezelect should create an alternative advising group composed of 20 or so people from across all walks of life--women and men of all political and economic stripes who could look across the table at Mr. Rubin et al and simply say "that dog don't hunt back in Boise" (or Fresno, Provo, Butte, Des Moines...well, you get my point!)

But hey, it could be worse! The stock market could be tanking prior to Mister Prezelect killing me with his tax proposals...well, err....wait a minute! The stock market is tanking! Well, the Chargers are winning!, no they aren', when all else fails just show a stupid picture of someone! And they don't get much stupider (or uglier) than this one! Happy Thanksgiving! Toodle-doo!