Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are Christians Social Entrepreneurs?

Well as promised I am posting my recently completed research article on religious and social entrepreneurship. This is a topic that I have been thinking about since I attended the Skoll World Forum at the Said Business School in Oxford in 2007.

Go to this link and you should be able to access it.

And if you are wondering about the picture...of those handsome and youthful men approaching the lovely young ladies...this is a cover from a magazine I read...a long long time ago...titled The Door...originally known as The Wittenberg Door...edited by (the late) Mike Yaconelli...probably the funniest Christian ever...who diligently labored to create the very small field known as Christian Satire...which few people ever understood...and Mike and The Door had a wit and wisdom that was inspiring to those of us who feel way too many people (aka Christians) have their undies cinched down too much...Yaconelli was prophetic in his own way...and I would highly recommend some of his books to you...
I hope some of you enjoy the article...and feel free to dialogue with me on your opinion!

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