Sunday, November 8, 2009

Que no mundo é isto?

So I think I am a pretty smart guy...right?...well I mean I have a online degree from the Cleveland Institute of Electronics and Television Repair...a certificate from Dalena's College of Beauty...and I also read National Geographic...well, at least I look at the pictures...but, I was saying...I consider myself a real conneeesurrr of fine living, cultural sophistication and international these questions should not perplix...purplix...plerpexx...I mean these things shouldn't be beyond my capabilities in figuring out!

...So I be skirting on down the highway in old Paree...heading on out of town with my confidence in and awareness of the Europe...with my Maurice Chevalier 8 track playing...and the little lady begins to inquire about some of the ummm....errrrr....uhhhh....well, you know...."the facilities" in France that we had experienced...especially one at a roadstop somewhere near Caen...and boy howdy, they were really eco-friendly with this particular sanitation portal...which we later discovered was known as a "Turkish Toilet"... and how wonderful this device was since it used no water...or at least in the version we it must have been a very new model...kind of like the Falcon urinals I see around PLNU...water free...but I am thinking that there are some things that really do require the use of water... I also discovered that they also called these "squatters toilets"...must be something for the homeless chaps I guess...
...anyway I was talking about the facilities...which by and large are quite nice in Europe...well, except for the U.K....but that led us to a conversation about that other piece of porcelain that we kept on seeing wherever we went...and since we had never seen such a thing in either my National Geo or Popular Mechanics led us to using our powers of deductive reasoning to get to the....ummm....bottom of things....

..So we set out to use the porcelain thingy in various settings to see what conclusions we could make....Was it:

*A Mini-Washer for the weary traveler? (travel light/travel right!)

*A convenient espresso maker?
(one must not stray far from the coffee!)

*A footwashing basin?
(for all the pilgrimages you could make in Europe!)

...So I must say we didn't come to any firm conclusion on any of our three possible solutions...except the only way I could see it being a footwashing basin is if no-one has size 10.5XXX feet like mine...I got my baby toe on my left foot stuck on the lip and nearly tore it off...So let me know what is your favorite or offer a new solution to this vexing question...
...But I don't want you to think that all of your confidence in me is lost...I mean after all this is now my third trip to France and fifth to Portugal in the last 4 years or on the way back from Normandy I stopped by a little bistro and picked up some genuine French "chocolat" for a little "snackee"...which Ruth was so pleased with my selection that she snapped the photo below...

...boy were they good! Vive Le France!

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