Sunday, November 1, 2009

Save Miguel! Save Miguel?

Well, Portugal has entered the modern is perhaps an inconvenient truth...and yet something that must come to this lovely old nation of merely 10 million citizens...about 1/4 the size of California...or the San Joaquin Valley come harvest time...but anyway, in addition to modern highways (yes, far better than most of the roads in the US), vino verde, nice grocery stores, shopping centers and malls, great cell reception, vino verde...ummm...well yes, all of that, Portugal has found its environmental voice...

Yes...the home of Cabrillo, Enrique the Navigator and Rosa Ramos Ataide has its own passionate environmental cause...and it is a doozy!...while other nations and their environmental activists shoot paint balls at whaling ships...chain themselves to nuclear reactors...and refuse to use ancestral home has found the right balance...and it is about saving Miguel!

Who is Miguel? Well the link below will explain it all...and in all seriousness saving Miguel is a beautiful thing...for it is truly a cultural and historical tradition worth saving...and Miguel provides a habitat...a Portuguese garden of its own unique way...

So sit back and enjoy a little trip to Lisbon and then to the South...where I am actually traveling to in a few days....and help save Miguel! Viva Lisboa! Viva Miguel!

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